Thursday, April 12, 2012

MP3 Review: ZUNE HD

The Positive: The Zune HD's fantastic OLED display, HD Radio tuner, long battery life, movie rentals, and subscription music integration finally give ipod expatriates something to shout about.

The Negative: You still can't use the Zune with a Mac, Marketplace purchases require "Microsoft Points," video format support is limited, audio quality lacks powerful and slick controls, you'll need to buy a dock accessory for HD video output, app and game selection stinks, and the recommended music subscription scheme puts the real-world cost higher than the ipod.

In Conclusion: The Zune HD delivers one of the most supreme portable music and video experiences money can buy. At a time when many people have shifted their focus to games and software, providing a killer media experience may not be enough for potential Zune buyers.

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