Wednesday, April 18, 2012

News Update: Best Web Browser for your MAC

Web browsers
Possibly the most valuable software on your computer is your Web browser because it's your doorway to the Internet. all the browsers here will get you where you require to go, so your choice depends largely on how you need to surf.

Mozilla Firefox
Sure, Safari comes preloaded on your Mac and it is got a lot of ultimate features, but it is not for everybody. The folks at Mozilla have come a long way with the Mac version of Firefox with the intention of creating a flexible browser that plays nice with the elegance of Mac OS X. in addition to Firefox 4's revamped interface, what makes Firefox especially enticing is the ability to pick from a huge library of themes and add-ons.

Unlike Safari, Firefox lets you change the overall look of your browser to fit your style. With add-ons covering a wide range of functions -- from adding iTunes controls to your browser window to the ability to view lists of found photos in 3D -- the sheer number of additional things and customization options you can tinker with in Firefox is staggering.

Though it is often overlooked with Safari and Firefox stealing most of the spotlight, Opera is an ultimate Mac browser in its own right. Themes and add-ons are easily searched right from within the interface, and Opera might be the fastest when it comes to page-loading times.

The Speed Dial feature lays out your preferred sites in an easy-to-navigate format, letting you get to your most visited sites with the click of your mouse. Its Wand utility makes autofilling forms a breeze. Unlike other browsers for the Mac, Opera also supports torrent downloads. To top it all off, Opera Link makes it possible to transfer your Personal Bar, Bookmarks, Speed Dial, and Notes across multiple computers if you have Opera in several locations.

Though Opera isn't as popular as the other Mac browsers, it has plenty to offer including unique tools everyone can appreciate.

Not interested in extras and add-ons? If you like the concept of surfing the Web without all the excess baggage, check out Mozilla's other browser for Mac, Camino. Camino is for those not involved in weighing down their Web-surfing experience with added options and just want to get down to the business of exploring the Web.

With basic controls and smartly designed for speed, Camino is the minimalists Web browser. Solid Web standards support means you'll be able to explore all of the web presences you would in other browsers, and the slimmed-down interface might make this option the most agile of the group.

search engine Chrome
Now into its second year, search engine Chrome has begun to mature from a lightweight and fast browsing alternative into an innovative browser on the precipice of a possibilities browsing revolution with the pending ChromeOS. The browser that people can use today, Chrome 8, offers highly competitive features including synchronization, autofill, and maintains search engine's reputation for building one of the quickest browsers available.

Cell Phone Review:

The good: The HTC One S manages to pack Android ICS, Sense 4, and a feature-filled camera into one of the slimmest phones on the market.

The bad: The One S' svelteness comes at the true value of no SD card expansion slot or removable battery.

Closing Comments: The HTC One S is the best phone you can get on T-mobile (for now), wrapping Android 4.0, 4G data speeds, and a divine 4.3-inch AMOLED screen into one svelte package.

Monday, April 16, 2012

News Update: Oracle-Google patent trial starts today

Oracle's patent infringement lawsuit against google is finally set to go to trial at the U.S. District Court in San Francisco today, but there are absolutely plenty of questions looming as to where this will end up.
The fact that these two Silicon Valley giants will finally have a trial under way is fairly awesome (and slightly excellent), given how much back-and-forth there has been over the last two years since Oracle from the off filed suit in August 2010.
Since then, there have been numerous delays with potential start dates assigned for October 2011, January 2012, and March 2012. It was only just last month that April 16 was given the green light. That date was solidified once the last-ditch effort for another round of settlement talks fell through.
One of the biggest hurdles for getting this trial under way is that these two associations just can't even seem to agree upon on what they are fighting over.
Yes, it is clear that Oracle is suing google over patent violations involving Android and Java -- patents that used to be owned by Sun Microsystems but now belong to Oracle. search engine has reasserted time and again that Sun was a big supporter of Android, and that the coding language was free to use.
To clarify matters before going into trial, Judge William H. Alsup issued an order on April 6 asking each side to "take a firm yes or no position on whether computer programming languages are copyrightable."
But Oracle has also repeatedly failed to pinpoint and narrow down which patents being violated. Furthermore, it hasn't helped that settlement talks have continuously stalled proceedings. Even dragging in Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and search engine CEO Larry Page didn't do any good.
The big debate going into the trial is what is at stake here for Oracle and search engine. Even more to the point: How much cash is Oracle gonna win, and will it get a cut of Android revenue going forward?
it's all but said and done that Oracle is gonna have some kind of payday. During a court hearing last July, Alsup declared that google is absolutely going to pay up "probably in the millions, perhaps in the billions" at some point.
Last September, Oracle wanted at the very least $1.16 billion in damages from search engine, which is considerably less than the $6.1 billion it was asking for in July. Yet some followers of the cast have said that Oracle would be lucky to extract even $one hundred million in this intellectual property suit.
Likely accepting that some sort of defeat is inevitable, search engine did put one offer on the list a few weeks ago. google offered to pay Oracle up to $2.8 million in damages over two patents in question. Furthermore, search engine also offered a deal of 0.5% from Android revenue for one patent through Christmas 2012 and 0.015 percent on a second patent through April 2018.
However, that bargain would only be offered as a stipulation for damages if (and only if) Oracle prevails on patent infringement. Oracle rebuffed the deal anyway.
Whatever Oracle ends up with (or not), we should know relatively soon, as the trial is only expected to last eight weeks -- an insanely short time when you put all of these other proceedings into state of mind.

News Update: Google's Sergey Brin: Facebook and Apple a threat to Internet freedom

Sergey Brin at the press conference
In an interview with the Guardian, google co-founder Sergey Brin warned that the "open" Internet is in danger from very powerful forces, including Facebook and Apple.
"I am more worried than I have been in the past ... it's scary," he said
Brin identified the significant threats to the open Internet as repressive governments trying to control access to the Internet, entertainment industry crackdowns on piracy and so-called "wall gardens" that maintain more strict control over what can be done on their technology platforms, citing Facebook and Apple.
He said that Facebook and Apple are stifling innovation and risk Balkanizing the Web, and went as far as to say that search engine would never have come into existence if Facebook were dominant.
"you must play by their rules, which are really restrictive. the kind of environment that we collected google in, the reason that we were able to build up a search engine, is the web was so open. Once you get too many rules that will stifle innovation."
Of course, there is some self-interest and sour grapes in Brin's assessment. He would like to make all of the information inside Facebook and Apple apps accessible to search engine's google. A more open Web is certainly rather good for the world but it is also very good for search engine's bottom line. And, search engine's main hard work at social networking, search engine+, has a long way to travel to catch Facebook, which has more that four times the number of users and continues to gain momentum, including its recent purchase of the mobile photograph-sharing application, Instagram. In addition, Apple, which has ridden it is proprietary approach to become the most priceless company in our time, is search engine's main competitor in the smartphone and tablet arena, another area critical to search engine's business acomplishment.
Brin also complained about Facebook making it difficult for users to move their data to other services, presumably search engine+. "Facebook has been sucking down Gmail contacts for multiple years," he said.
Brin's comments on his chief competitors may be the start of an escalating war of words and science as the giant colonizers of the Web continue their competitive quests for dominance. Keep in mind what the Web's inventor Tim Berners-Lee has said:
A related danger is that one social-networking site--or one search engine or one browser--gets so big that it becomes a monopoly, which tends to limit innovation. As has been the case since the Web began, continued grassroots innovation may be the best check and balance against any one company or government that tries to undermine universality.

TECH REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

The good: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 delivers a mostly pure Ice Cream Sandwich acumen for only $250. The tablet also trumps the Kindle Fire in extras by including dual cameras, expandable memory, and TV remote control functionality.

The bad: The screen doesn't look as pretty as other PLS displays, and its camera performance is lacking compared to other tablets in the line.

CLOSING COMMENTS: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 offers an very affordable and a full Android savvy that no other tablet can currently match for the price.
i guess we have Amazon to thank for proving that you don't need a premium tablet to be acomplished. While Samsung tried competing on the premium tablet front for the last year and will continue to do so, it is finding this plans to be more difficult than anticipated.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Capcom Announces Lost Planet® 3, New October 2 Release Date for Resident Evil® 6, and PlayStation®3 System Cross-Platform Play for the PlayStation®Vita System Version of Street Fighter® X Tekken®
Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today confirmed new information and details on its previously announced game line-up for 2012 stemming from its annual media showcase event, Captivate, which took place in Rome last week. At the event, Capcom officially announced Lost Planet® 3 is in full development and scheduled for release on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360 ® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows PC in early 2013. In addition, it was announced that the Xbox 360 and PS3™ versions of Resident Evil® 6 will now be released globally on October 2, 2012, with the Windows PC version to follow. Finally, Capcom is pleased to confirm that its forthcoming PlayStation®Vita system title, Street Fighter® X Tekken®, will feature Cross-Platform Play with the PS3™.

The extreme and unpredictable conditions that characterized the Lost Planet® series return, harsher than ever before in Lost Planet 3. Players take on the role of Jim, a utility rig pilot who has left Earth to take on a hazardous but lucrative contract on E.D.N. III. Delivering a diverse range of gameplay, including third-person on-foot battles and intense first-person utility rig action, players will need to brave the uncharted terrain, hostile climate and threat of indigenous Akrid creatures. With a number of multiplayer modes and a compelling single player experience, Lost Planet 3 will delve deeper into the Lost Planet universe, uncovering hidden truths when it releases in early 2013.

Captivate represented the first opportunity for media to see the highly anticipated Resident Evil 6 in action, with the game's development team showcasing one of Leon S. Kennedy's missions. Full of tension, the action has Leon and partner Helena Harper searching for an escape route from the Ivy University campus, the site of the most recent bioterrorist outbreak and the zombies that now stalk its hallways and grounds.

Announced and showcased during Captivate was the Cross-Platform Play for the PS Vita system version of Street Fighter X Tekken which allows owners of the PS Vita system version to compete against owners of the PS3™ version anywhere in the world, via Wi-Fi or 3G. Other features confirmed for the PS Vita system version of Street Fighter X Tekken were the introduction of touch controls, local and Wi-Fi multiplayer plus Near functionality alongside all the content from the home console version.

For the first time since its announcement, Captivate attendees were able to play DmC Devil May Cry® and experience the fast-paced, stylish combat that is the signature of the series. In addition, the game's development team, including members from Capcom Japan and Ninja Theory, presented a brand new level of the game. In this area, set at a carnival near the pier where he lives, Dante faces off with a Hunter Demon that has tracked down the Son of Sparda.

Steel Battalion™ Heavy Armor,acollaboration between Capcom and From Software and an Xbox 360 exclusive,introduced a brand new online four player Cooperative Multiplayer Mode available on the Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network when the title releases on June 19 in North America and from June 22 across Europe. Attending media were invited to work together, using the innovative mix of Kinect™ for Xbox 360 and regular controller play, and defeat the enemy's Vertical Tanks.

Attendees were also able to experience new content for the forthcoming open world action-RPG title, Dragon's Dogma™ and a debut hands on with the recently announced PlayStation®Move enabled Resident Evil®: Chronicles HD Collection.

XBOX 360 GAME REVIEW: The Witcher 2

The Witcher 2 is not a normal video game, and it is not a normal fantasy. It subverts the old high-fantasy stereotypes even as it employs them. The elves that you'll meet in Temeria aren't charming, ethereal forest-dwellers, they are guerrilla insurgents raining death on humans from the trees. The dwarves, typically cheerful, hard-working sorts, live in a city of worn rock that runs off the fumes of their former industriousness while its current inhabitants drink, joke and fornicate. the many different kingdoms are in the on the precipice of war, led by despotic kings who play their personal vendettas out on the battlefields at the expense of their armies' lives.

Excellent Reviews

And who are you, amongst all this? You're Geralt of Rivia, a stoic and distinctly un-heroic monster hunter with a few memory problems and a faintly inexplicable way with the ladies. Though sworn to impartiality on matters of the state, he is drawn into this advanced political maelstrom by a series of regicides that brand him a criminal and pull him back into his own, forgotten past. The Witcher 2 is a game for adults, and not just because of all the sex and violence. It expects you to be intelligent and interested, to care about the political machinations, racial tensions and complex history of its world. Plenty of games shield you from their lore, afraid that it may scare you off. The Witcher 2 drops you right in the thick of it, and expects you to deal with it.

Since its release on PC in May last year, the Witcher 2 has been drawing envious glances from console owners. The Enhanced Edition for Xbox 360 includes around four hours of new gameplay and an interface redesigned for consoles, with everything else intact. Impressively, CD Projekt RED has managed to port the whole experience over to six-year-old Xbox 360 hardware with only a minimum of technical compromises. If you've got access to a consultant quality PC, it is fairly self-evident that's the version you should plump for, but Xbox 360 owners needn't feel short-changed by this rather competent port.

Underpinning The Witcher 2's ambitious fantasy is a sword- and magic-based combat system that is one of the best around, delivering challenge and flexibility alongside the straightforwardly violent finishing moves and lethal strikes that are the backbone of all good melee combat. Dipping into stylish slow-motion to select spells, bombs and traps from a radial menu, you chip away at groups of enemies through plans and intelligent positioning rather than simply hacking through them with silver or steel. Spells ignite, confuse or trap your foes, where oils and enhancements change the properties of your blades.

Getting used to the layout of these myriad functions on the 360 pad takes a good hour. in the beginning your fingers are forced into unnatural positions when you try to bring up the radial menu and keep your targeting reticule locked onto a dangerous enemy at identical time, but soon such difficulties are behind you. The Witcher 2 has absolutely no control problems on Xbox, but it does still suffer from a lack of clarity in menu-heavy activities like crafting and alchemy. a very detailed in-game journal offers a refresher on everything you could need to know about the characters, locations and recent events, but there are some elements of the actual gameplay that could be better explained.

For one, it is useful to realize that running away is occassionally a better concept than trying to stand and fight. Combat is challenging, and reliant on good preparation; taking the extra time to craft bombs, traps and potions that will help you in specific battles often pays dividends.

The Witcher 2 is full of excellently-designed quests, from the grand machinations of its central plot to side-quests that deal in ghost stories, missing persons and humorous mysteries. Spend time in taverns and get into a fist-fights or gambling debt, and you might find Geralt led into something bigger. Investigating a single murder might uncover a long trail of cause and effect. These well-written diversions mean that Geralt never feels like an errand boy, and the choices that you make – minor and major –affect the course of the narrative in a way that feels natural and organic. You're never told to choose between good and evil, filling some invisible morality meter. Instead it feels like what you're doing in fact means something.

it is in the cities that the contrast between The Witcher 2 and other, cleaner, more aspirational and austere fantasies is most apparent. Games occassionally create places full of marble palaces and gorgeous architecture, wide streets and bustling town centres. These, meanwhile, are ramshackle, grimy places where the tension between humans and non-humans constantly threatens to bubble up into mob violence. As a witcher – a mutated human, essentially – Geralt finds himself somewhere between these two racial camps, and many of the decisions that you make over the course of the game feed into a much bigger racial conflict that goes utterly current monarchs and recent resentments and sometimes feels like it is etched into the very stone that the cities are built from. The Witcher 2's history and lore is built into its world and geography as effectively as it is written into characters' dialogue.

Next to the PC version, one of the most technically accomplished games around, this Xbox version can't aid but look a little compromised, even if it is amongst the best-looking games on the console. The lighting and colours aren't as dynamic, and fog usually encroaches on your view of the brilliant outdoors. there's also occasional stuttering, frame-rate drops and texture pop-in, all of which are greatly improved by installing the game to the Xbox's hard drive. These things don't undermine The Witcher 2, but they do serve as a reminder that PC players are playing a slightly better version of this great game.

In every compelling way, The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 is identical subversive and note worthy fantasy that it was on the PC. There are some minor technical and graphical blemishes, but they don’t detract from what is one of the best RPGs of recent years, and the extra content adds value. This is an ambitious and absorbing game that’s not just superficially “adult”, but genuinely mature.